Creating an Heirloom from Sentimental Jewelry

February 5, 2018


Many of us have a collection of cherished jewelry tucked away that is beautiful, sentimental, and yet, seldom worn. Why not use it to create an heirloom piece that can be passed down to your loved ones... A family heirloom is a connection to your history. Jewelry makes the perfect choice and if chosen wisely, a quality piece of jewelry can be worn, enjoyed and cherished by family members throughout the years.


​When selecting a design for your heirloom, consider quality and style. Create a piece that is designed to be timeless, and skillfully crafted using quality materials, and stones that will stand the test of time.


Our experts have years of experience in the design and craftsmanship of heirloom pieces. They will provide you with excellent, trusted advice so that the integrity and quality of the piece you will pass on will last and be cherished forever.


The Design Process

Call the store or use our online consultation booking form to make an appointment. At the meeting, we will identify your style through our different live and virtual pieces. We want you to feel comfortable and at ease so you can enjoy the creation you and our team are working on together. Please bring any stones or metals you would like us to try to incorporate into the design.

We absolutely will not duplicate any pieces that have been custom made specifically for other clients, and we will not copy pieces from other designers. We can, however, use details as inspiration for our pieces. We respect other designer's and their work just as we hope others would do with ours.


Allergies to Metals

In rare cases people develop some kind of reaction which is difficult to for-see at the beginning of the process. To correct the problem the customer will be subject to an extra charge in these rare cases. If you know that you have an allergy to a specific metal, let us know at the first appointment.

The Cost

Knowing your budget is very important for the design process. We will work together on your priorities in order to fulfill your expectations in the best way. A custom designed ring is more expensive than a manufactured product, since a group of people hand-work exclusively on your piece, but it is always worth it given the quality of a custom piece made just for you. Our design fee is incorporated into the price, but please note that there will be an extra charge for more than two sketches.


Metals and Gemstones

We work with yellow, pink and white 14K, 18K and 19K gold as well as platinum. In order to guarantee the quality of your piece, we will supply you with brand new gold. With time, old gold becomes porous and brittle and can create problems with the new piece. A credit for your old gold can be applied to your new piece.


Diamonds that are .10ct (3mm) and up can be used. We supply all small diamonds so that they are from the same lot and equal in clarity and colour which will reflect in the exquisiteness of your new piece. When it comes to coloured stones, there are facts to be taken into consideration due to the hardness of the stones. Our experts would advise you in the use of stones and their different applications, and appraise them to better understand how we can utilize them in your piece. As gem collectors, we will supply you with the best quality stones by sourcing and obtaining the stones you need for your design.

The Timeline

From the approval of the design to the completion of the piece it takes a maximum of eight weeks. Prior to that we will have a couple of appointments to present you with actual measurements, sketches and a mock piece for you to try.






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December 5, 2017

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