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It’s important to have a safe place to store your fine jewellery.  Each piece should be kept separately to avoid scratching; ideally in a soft lined container or pouch. Jewellery boxes that have separate padded slots for rings and bracelets is ideal. 


Hang necklaces individually so they don’t tangle or scratch.


Gentle dish soap can be used on certain pieces of jewellery with water and drying with a soft lint free cloth. Certain pieces do require special care. 


Pearls are especially porous and always put them on after using hairsprays, lotions and perfumes. The chemicals in these substances can permanently damage other delicate and porous gems such as turquoise. Household cleaners, bleach and even chlorine in a swimming pool can cause damage to delicate gems and jewellery. Pearls, like opals, can dry out, crack and discolour due to excessive heat and sudden temperature changes. 


Never wear your rings when exercising; especially lifting weights! You’ll damage the shank portion of your ring which could cause cracking of the metal. 


Certain gemstones can be affected by light and heat so always check with a knowledgeable person for advice. 


Jewellery should be checked regularly and always ask a reputable jeweller about the best care for your fine pieces! 

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